Thursday, July 17, 2014

Lake Cliff

Lake Cliff, Acrylic on Watercolor Paper, 6"x6", NFS
Lake Champlain has a variety of shoreline features, one of which is rock cliffs with trees - usually cedars- perched on top of them.  This study was done from memory and a quick look at a closeup photo of cedars on a ledge.  I was playing with color and texture in this painting, as well as trying to capture the sense of the shoreline features.

This painting is not for sale at this time, but I may have other paintings that you might like.  Please see my website for additional works.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Lake Reflections

Lake Reflections, Acrylic on Watercolor paper, 6"x6", NFS
This is a quick study of the lake and its reflections.  I have been away for a while so I thought it would be good to do a warm-up painting or two.  I have been looking at other artists' work and noticed that a lot of palette knife artists fully blend their colors before applying them rather than letting the colors blend on the painting surface.  I usually let the colors mix themselves to some extent which gives them a broken appearance.  In this painting, I have used some of each technique. 

This painting is not for sale at this time, but I may have other works that you might like.  Please check my website for more options.