Saturday, May 18, 2013

Spring Poplar

Spring Poplar, Acrylic on Paper, 6.5"x6.5", $100
At the edge of our yard, there is a young poplar that always gets its leaves a week or more before the maples around it.  So it gets a wonderful bright green glow while the maples are still a deep rusty red.  When the sun first comes over the hill, it strikes this bright green beauty while the rest of the trees are still in shadow.  The effect is a wonderful splash of brightness to welcome the day. In this painting, I did my best to capture that effect. 

This was a tough painting to get right - the greens were especially hard to match.  It turns out, though, that the photography was even harder to get right.  I think this is pretty good, but it picked up a bit more texture in the upper left than I feel there actually is, and the dark red in the center left is a bit stronger than in the actual painting.

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