Sunday, March 3, 2013

Day Lilies

Day Lily #4, Acrylic on Paper, 7"x5", $100
One of the things I do when I'm exploring a topic is paint the same subject using several different styles or methods of paint application.  This allows me to see how different combinations of color, texture, and edges affect the impact of the painting. 

In Day Lily #4, above, I applied a cadmium orange underpainting and then used a palette knife to create the broken color of the lily. In Day Lily #1, below, I used a brilliant golden yellow underpainting, allowing it to show through for the golden throat of the blossom. I used a neutral gray background to really make the gold and burnt orange to pop.  In Day Lily #2, below at bottom, I  also used a golden yellow underpainting, but, rather than giving the lily a neutral background, I applied a variety of broken colors to give the impression of a dappled garden environment.  Although all three of the paintings depict the same day lily, each one is completely different from the other two.

Day Lily #1, Acrylic on Paper, 7"x5", $100
Day Lily #2, Acrylic on Paper, 7"x5", $100