Monday, February 16, 2015

Barn #26

Barn #26, Acrylic on Crescent Board, 15"x15", $500
A new barn. After a break, I decided to pay another visit to the subject of barns.  I love how they sit in the landscape.  In the winter, they offer reflective surfaces for the moonlight, making bright spots in an otherwise mostly blue-gray world.  I painted most of this piece during the 30 Day Challenge in January.  Today, I went back into it, covering a few patches that were too red or orange or white.  I think it works a bit better now. The original version can be seen below.

To purchase this painting, please click here. You will find yourself amongst the barns on the 30 Day Challenge page on my website.

Artist's Note:  Crescent Board is an archival substrate much like mat board (about 3/16" thick) with watercolor paper adhered to it.  I gesso the board before I start painting.  Once I am happy with the painting, I coat it with an isolation coat followed by a satin UV-protective varnish.  The painting can be framed without glass.  

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