Monday, February 23, 2015

Barn #27

Barn #27, Acrylic on Crescent Board, 20"x20", $500
Getting tired of winter. Can you tell?  This barn painting features the wonderful spring greens that I am dreaming of but that won't be here for another couple of months.Spring greens are so different from summer greens and autumn greens; it's amazing how you can tell the season just from the green of the grass and the trees.

This barn is in New Haven, VT perched on the side of a hill with a clump of trees growing up against one side.  The shadow side still has some of the colorful intensity of a freshly painted barn (although some patches have faded and peeled) while the sunny side has faded almost to gray.

To purchase this painting, please click here.  You will be transported to my website where you will find yourself amidst the many barns from my January 30 Day Challenge.

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