Friday, April 29, 2016

Playing with Yupo #3

Untitled, Watercolor and Gouache on Yupo, 13"x20", NFS
Yet another piece from my workshop with Mark Mehaffey. Although unfinished, the objective in this painting is to use representational shapes along with the non-representational patterns and colors we started with. The method involves creating an overall pattern of shapes, stamping, patterns, and colors, then using gouache to define representational shapes - this works best if the shapes read as silhouettes. I started with three pears but decided I really didn't like two of them - I ended up with just one pear that I really like. Now I have to figure out how to finish it. I suspect the solution will jump out at me at some point - they say patience is a virtue.

One thing I did learn (it took a couple of repetitions to sink in) was to go one step at a time. I'm one of those people that plans 12 steps ahead. With a painting, that is a recipe for either a disaster or barring that, a boring painting. After every step, especially as you make changes to a mostly done painting, it is important to evaluate the effect of the change before making another one. Quite often, if I want to evaluate a change that will be irreversible, I will photograph the painting, print it out on card stock, and try out the changes on the print. That way I can try several different options to see which is the best before I apply paint to my work in progress.

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