Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Blueberry Bunch

Blueberry Bunch, Acrylic on Gessoboard, 6"x6", $100
This is the second of my blueberry paintings.  I did another one last month.  This is how the blueberries grow in our yard - in big bunches, almost like grapes.  In the photo I used for this painting, I really liked the shadow patterns on the berries.

30 in 30 Challenge:  This is #6 for me, so I am a few days behind.  I'm scrambling to catch up -I hope by the end of the week.  I am learning (and relearning) some things about how I paint.  One thing is that I almost never completely finish a painting in one day. I always like to return to it the next day with fresh eyes and a sharp mind - I get better results.  Another thing is that when I feel pressed for time, I am apt to resort to safe subjects and techniques so I can be more certain of a salable result  - sometimes that is good, other times not so much.

Note: To purchase this painting, please go to my Daily Paintworks Gallery (icon at right.)

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