Sunday, September 29, 2013

Channeling Van Gogh

Channeling Van Gogh, Graphite on Paper, 24"x18", NFS
I'm posting something a little different today.  After doing mostly small works this year, I've decided to focus on larger pieces for a while.  To get myself up to speed on the larger sizes, I thought I would start out doing some drawings.  They are relatively quick and they are great for working out compostition, values, and shapes. As you can see, the drawing is very loose - I was after the lines and masses, not photographic accuracy.

This drawing is of a vase of sunflowers from the garden.  Taking a page from Van Gogh, I included a few less than perfect specimens in the bunch, let the different blossoms droop if they wanted to, and left a bunch of leaves to break up the many round shapes of the blossoms.  I also took many photos so I can go back and refer to them later after the flowers die.

Note:  My Daily Paintworks Gallery continues to show my small works (click on icon at right.)  My web site ( has my collection of greeting cards and reproduction prints for sale.  It also has the contact information for some of my larger works which are on exhibit in area galleries. 

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