Sunday, September 3, 2017

Day 3 - Dominos

Dominos, Acrylic on Canvas, 8"x10", NFS

Day 3 of the Thirty Paintings in Thirty Days Challenge

A few days ago, I decided to prepare for the challenge by working on a variety of value sketches that I would be able to use for later paintings. I came up with a bunch that were fun with an interesting division of space, and neat shapes and lines. This painting uses one of those drawings. I think the design is quite strong although now that I have paint on it, it looks rather rigid to me. I played with adding some spattering and printing but didn't like the results. Consequently, I painted all of that out and basically started over. I'm leaving it like this for now - you can still see some of the earlier marks, but I didn't want to spend any more time on it. My preference would be to start fresh at another time.

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