Thursday, September 3, 2015

Day 3 - Doorway

Doorway, Acrylic on Crescent Board, 12"x10", $100

Day 3 of the Thirty Paintings in 30 Days Challenge

OK. I'm not even going to pretend that I planned this. I started out with the goal of making a more minimalist, more abstract apple than yesterday's.  To that end, I put on an orange underpainting. Then I painted an apple drawing and put in the shadows - my structure, if you will.  Once those layers were dry, I started painting with a fairly large brush making interesting patterns and putting in the areas that I wanted to make light. This is what emerged. When I saw what was happening, I decided to go with it and it evolved into what, to me, looks like a doorway.

I don't know if this painting will stay like this after the challenge is over or whether I will decide that it really isn't all that strong.  I have learned that once in a while it pays to listen to what a painting is saying and wait to see if it makes sense.  For someone as methodical as me, that was a really hard lesson to learn, but it has resulted in some surprising and interesting paintings. So for now, this painting is done.

Note: If you would like to buy this painting, please click here. You will find yourself on the September 2015 30 Day Challenge page of my website where you can make your purchase. Please note that Challenge paintings will be at a reduced price for the duration of the 30 Day Challenge.


Brenda Kay said...

Your painting caught my eye today as I was looking at all the challenge paintings. I feel like there is such a sense of place here. And I sure know what you mean by sometimes listening to the painting - I have had many surprise me that way! Hope you are enjoying the challenge!

carol edan said...

I also have learned, the hard way, that each painting has something to tell you... you just have to take the time to listen.... I absolutely love this... it has mystery and depth!!!